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Sunday Soup with Phil, sept 19, 2021

Welcome to my blog. A monthly posting regarding our Empty Bowls Organization and the related website. I really don’t know if anyone reads my writings so, please leave your comments and/or questions.

This is also a collection of my early morning musings. I generally wake up between 4 and 5 AM every morning. I then have coffee and have early morning discussions with my two roommates, Bismark and Tig’e, they generally don’t disagree, as long as I feed them breakfast.

A lot of changes have occurred since my last posting, all due to the continuing covid pandemic.

Picnic: Wither we like it or not, being in a position of leadership, we must think of the well being of all involved. I myself have been vaccinated against covid, I believe that everyone should get the vaccine, however some don’t agree. Therefore, I and the other two board members agreed that we should postpone our celebratory picnic, that we were going to have on August 28th, and have it in April of 2022. The safety of the unvaccinated is paramount, along with reducing the chances of spreading this horrific disease to the innocent.

Festival: The people in charge of the Bella Vista Arts Festival, made the tough decision to cancel the festival that was to be held in October. Again, because of the increasing number of covid cases in our region. I agree with their decision to think of the general safety of others, even those that refuse to be vaccinated.

Empty Bowls Soup Event: It had been arranged with St. Theodor’s Episcopal Church to have our Soup Event during November as an indoor sit-down event. However, for the same reason as the change explained above, we have decided to make this a drive-thru event. By making it a drive-thru event, any chance of passing on this contagion should be dramatically reduced. This allows us to think of the safety of our community and still raise money to help those that are food insecure in our region.

I invite your comments and questions, any criticism is also accepted.

Like always, do not be afraid to try something new and different.

Enjoy life!


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