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Sunday Soup with Phil, august 1, 2021

Welcome to my blog. A monthly posting regarding our Empty Bowls Organization and the related website. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or questions.

Wow, what a hot spell here in the Ozarks. Thankfully it is supposed to cool down this week to the normal 80’s. My pets and I will be happy for that.

Speaking of happy, I am absolutely thrilled to be celebrating two years since we started our Empty Bowls Organization. We started making bowls in August of 2019 and started selling them at the Bella Vista Art Festival in October 2019. We had our very 1st Soup Event at St. Theodore’s Episcopal Church in November 2019. During that period, we had $9,495 in bowl sales.

As we all know, Covid hit us in March 2020 and all events were cancelled. In spite of that and having a will to overcome adversity, we had bowl sales during 2020 of $10,630. Also, so far in 2021 we have had sales of over $7,000. We celebrate the fact that we have had a total of more than $27,000 in bowl sales in the two years since we started making bowls to sell. All of this money is passed on to the food banks and pantries in our area, we are proud to say.

As a celebration, we are planning an outdoor picnic on August 28th, in three weeks, it will be called “Dine and Shine”. We are inviting all volunteers, donating potters, Village Art Club members, and anyone that wants to learn more about us and what we do, to the picnic. Canopy tents will be put up adjacent to the Clay Studio located behind the Wishing Spring Gallery at 8862 W. McNelly Rd., Bentonville, AR.

Phil is going to be donating and preparing, quite a variety of smoked meats, along with his delicious ice-tea and lemonade combination drink. Bring a chair and if you want a different beverage (alcohol is allowed) and if you would like to bring a dish to pass that is alright too. We will sit up the food buffet inside of the Clay studio but socialize and eat outdoors under the tents. Social interaction will start at 2:00 PM, and food served from 4:00 until 6:00 PM. More social interaction after that. Hope to see y’all there. Help us celebrate and find out more about us. Help us battle this hunger and food insecurity in our Ozark region.

See you back here, on September 5th, as always, I invite your comments and questions, any criticism is also accepted.

Like always, do not be afraid to try something new and different.

Enjoy life!


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