Sunday Soup with Phil, July 18, 2021

Updated: 3 days ago

Welcome to my blog. A monthly posting regarding our Empty Bowls Organization

and the related website. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or questions.

I missed posting in May and June, I think that the Covid shutdown finally got to me

and I have been battling some depression. Pretty sure that I am not the only one that has

been depressed, this has been a challenge for a lot of people. Something that has really

helped me, is in May, I started selling bowls and cookbooks at the Bella Vista Farmers

Market. I get to talk to well over 100 people every week and we have averaged just

over $500 in sales each week.

Most Empty Bowl Organizations around the country are a once-a-year event type

organization holding a soup event. We do that in November too. However, we have

turned into a 365 day a year organization, with our website sales, bowls available at

two different physical locations besides the weekly Farmers Market. As of July 15 th ,

2021, we have already sold more than 250 bowls and 90 cookbooks. This makes us

different than, and I am very pleased. People have food issues year around, not just

once a year.

I am posting a Recipe for the Summer, the Chilled Cucumber Cream Soup, it really

fits in for these hot summer months and a good use of those cucumbers growing in

your garden.

See you back here, on August 1st , as always, I invite your comments and questions, any

criticism is also accepted.

See y’all soon, and like always, do not be afraid to try something new and different.

Enjoy life!


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