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Sunday Soup with Phil, MAR. 7, 2021

Welcome to my blog. As usual, I am going to think of you as a friend joining me for

some conversation and a bowl of soup. Today’s recipe that we are preparing is

“Tomato Vegetable Soup” that was submitted to us by Phyllis Von Holdt of Bella

Vista, AR. This week I selected the recipe at random from our soon to be printed cookbook.

Advance orders for the cookbook are currently being taken on the website under the

Cookbook tab. Save $5.00 by ordering before March 31 st , after that date they will be

$25.00. They include a “Free” e-book version, so it is like two books for one price.

Last Sunday’s soup that I prepared was “Chicken Pozole With Red Chili.” A recipe

that was contributed by Joyce Rogers of Juanita’s Foods. I had plenty leftover. The

recipe as presented made 16 servings. As usual, it was very tasty, but even better the

next day. It was not real spicy, even though it had four different kinds of chilis in it. I

must say that the hominy really gave it a “tamale” flavor, which can grow on you.

Another, soup that I may not have made, if given a choice, that is why this random

picking of recipes that have been submitted to our Cookbook Fundraiser is working

out very well for my taste buds. Proof that not being afraid to try something new and

different is working out well.

Today’s soup “Tomato Vegetable Soup” is going to be very much easier to make than last weeks recipe. The recipe only has 5 ingredients and available at any grocery store. It most definitely goes in the Quick and Easy Category. There are also endless possibilities for additional ingredients that can be added to the recipe.

With spring just around the corner, a vegetable soup seems very fitting to make. Soon we will be planting some vegetables in our gardens. If you don’t have a garden, then I highly recommend starting one. If your property cannot support one, then see if there is a community garden plot available in your area. Also, plant three times what you think you will use. Pests and whatever could get one third and the other third is for you to share. I make almost 30 pints of my jalapeno dill pickles every year and give away around 20 pints a year. I will put the recipe in the Cookbook. How to make one pint at a time.

If you are just starting your gardening experience, do not be afraid. I have been gardening for over 60 years and I am still learning. It is a very fun hobby with the side benefit of healthy foods to eat. Also, if you have kids, then one of the first vegetables to plant are radishes. Radishes will sprout very quickly, probably faster than any other vegetable, and kids want to see things growing as quickly as possible. Gardening will help teach the children many things, such as planning, measuring, counting, tending, caring, physical labor, and patience to name a few.

Speaking of sharing our garden over abundance, sharing is what Benton County

Empty Bowls does, we sell our beautiful handcrafted ceramic bowls and then pass

that money on to Food Banks and Pantries in the six counties surrounding us. So far,

we have been able to pass on 100 % of monies raised from the sale of our bowls to

help those in need. Since October 2019, we have helped provide more than 200,000

meals to the food insecure in our area. As I have told you before, we are completely a

volunteer organization, no one draws a salary or wage, all our time is donated toward

our cause of helping the food insecure in our surrounding counties.

As always. I invite your comments and questions, even criticism is accepted.

See y’all next Sunday, until then, do not be afraid to try something new and different.

Enjoy life!

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